For Monday: Bailey, “Teenagers from Outer Space” (pp.27-55)

For Friday: Landis, Superman: American Alien, “Eagle,” “Angel,” and “Valkyrie”

For Monday: Superman: American Alien, “Parrot” and “Owl” (and the two mini-comics between them)

For Wednesday: Landis, Superman: American Alien (“Dove” and “Hawk”)

For Wednesday: Van Eekhout, “On the Fringes of the Fractal” (pp.194-205)

For Monday: Wolven, “Caspar D. Luckinbill, What Are You Going to Do?” (pp.267-285)

Short Paper #1 Assignment: due in-class on Friday. Feb. 2nd

A Few Changes and Wednesday's Class

For Monday: Weinsten, “Openness” (pp.141-151)

Welcome to the Course!

Paper #4/Final Exam: Brave New Worlds

For Tuesday: Asimov, I Robot: “Escape!” and “Evidence”

Scissortail Creative Writing Festival Assignment (optional)