FINAL EXAM: MAY 7th @ 11:30

Remember, all revisions are due by Final Exam Day! That's Monday, May 7th @11:30. You must come to the Final Exam to take the exam--no make-ups are allowed, so be careful! 

For the Final Exam, be sure to bring all three books--Best American SF/F 2017, Superman: American Alien, and Station Eleven. I will give you an excerpt of a short article as the 'conversation' to respond to, and you will use your own ideas plus TWO of the books to assist you. This is your last chance to prove that you can write a well-balanced conversation paper that (a) introduces quotes properly, (b) documents quotes properly, (c) responds to quotes, (d) integrates primary sources (the article excerpt), (e) integrates secondary sources (the books), and (f) considers the Naysayer. 

Good luck! I enjoyed teaching the class this semester and hope you enjoy the long break to come!